Premium Cultivars is an endeavor born out of a love for growing cannabis. We believe that marijuana should be as accessible to those who want or need it as possible, and that means providing customers with the seeds needed to grow their own weed. 

Growing cannabis from seeds is not only cost-effective but it is also an extremely rewarding pursuit. To truly deliver the best products to our customers, we have worked with some of the world’s top breeders to ensure that all of our seeds are of premium quality, bred from the most stable mother plants.

Premium Cultivars is an American seed bank supplying seeds to America and Europe. We sell all of the world’s best cannabis strains as feminized and autoflowering seeds; we have all the classics and some more modern, but no less amazing, weed strains.

Our Mission

Our company is called Premium Cultivars because that is what we sell, the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market, you will not get poor genetics or weak seeds from us. 

We also aim to offer these amazing seeds for the most affordable prices, everyone should have access to the best weed seeds to grow in their home.

Our Genetics 

We strive for the finest cannabis genetics at Premium Cultivars and we spare no expense sourcing the seeds you find for sale on this site. All of our seeds are bred from genetically stable mother plants, all of our seeds are guaranteed to grow into female plants – whether you buy Feminized seeds or Autoflower weed seeds.